Chemical & Toxic Metal Cleanse Support Formula

Zeotrex is a blend of powerful zeolites, herbs, and iodine. These ingredients help your body detox harmful heavy metals and chemicals. Enhance your mental clarity, rejuvenate your energy levels, and boost your overall health by eliminating toxins from your system with an all-natural formula like Zeotrex .

  • Help the Body Detoxify Chemicals & Heavy Metals
  • Revitalize Energy Levels
  • Support Mental Wellness



What Is Zeotrex?

Heavy metal and chemical toxins are everywhere. Pesticides, mercury, lead, plastic compounds, and countless others invade our bodies in various ways. Minimizing your exposure is possible, but total avoidance is not — cleansing is the only practical solution.

Zeotrex is the all-natural approach to help your system cleanse heavy metals and chemicals. It contains powerful detoxing agents like zeolite, cilantro, and nascent iodine. It’s also made with Raw Herbal Extract technology to produce the most effective cleansing formula available. 

The one-ounce bottle lasts 15 days when used as directed.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Zeotrex

Encourages Clarity: Chemical toxins are a cause of brain fog. A formula like Zeotrex can clear it out.

Supports a Healthy Lifestyle: If you’ve done a cleanse, you know it’s revitalizing. Zeotrex takes it to the next level.

Cognitive Function: Zeotrex has fulvic acid, an organic compound with neuroprotective properties.

Protects the Thyroid: This formula contains iodine, which displaces harmful halogens like fluoride from the thyroid.

Revitalizes Energy Levels: If you’re feeling fatigued, clearing toxins from your body can bring energy levels back up.


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