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Sublingual full-spectrum CBD, isolated THC-free CBD, CBG, and CBN organic oils to stimulate your endocannabinoid system.

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Target your body’s largest organ, your skin, with our unique topical blends of highly concentrated CBD and organic essential oils.

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Don’t forget our furry friends benefit from CBD, too! Our pet-friendly flavors that are great on their own or added to your pet’s food!

CBD Flower Bubba Kush

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Our epicurean, hand-trimmed, and organically grown selections of CBD and CBG flower come from the best farms in America.

Why Sublingwell?

Sublingwell believes in the healing power of Industrial Hemp. Our mission is to make affordable, high-quality, lab-tested, organic cannabis-based wellness products with ingredients sourced from American farmers.

Sublingwell sources quality ingredients from small, organic American hemp farms. From our amazing hemp flower selections to our carefully sourced product ingredients, we aim to deliver premium products at an affordable price.

Want to know more about how cannabis works in your body? Learn more about this amazing plant and the science behind how it can be effective as a tool to benefit your body and mental health!

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